Saffell House Funeral Home is located in the historic Saffell House at 340 South Main Street in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. The 14,000 square foot mansion was built by the bourbon distiller, W.B. Saffell, in the late 1800’s.

    To this day, there are still tunnels under the house that were used for running bourbon during the prohibition. Saffell’s original farm stretched from Main Street in Lawrenceburg all the way back to Saffell Street.

Photo by: The Anderson News    After Mr. Saffell passed on, the home changed ownership and began its time as the Huddleston and Sparrow Funeral Home from about 1940—1960. The Huddlestons and the Sparrows worked in the original home of W.B. Saffell, but around 1956 the partners realized they needed more space. They added the huge chapel, and slowly added more living area on the second floor.

    Eventually the two partners split up and sold the home. It was at this time, the Saffell House was renovated into 7 beautiful apartments (three on the main floor and four on the second). After years of use, the apartments began to fall into disarray. At this time, Lawrenceburg native, Mr. Sherrell Wells and his wife Brenda, purchased the property and began the process of restoring the home. Not only did they put a lot of effort into the main property, but they transformed the previous six car garage into three more apartments.

 Photo of Huddleston and Sparrow Funeral Home in the 1940's before the addition                  

                        Photo By: The Anderson News

    On May 1, 2015, Nathan Morris and his nephew, Mackenzie Morris, purchased the Saffell House from Mr. and Mrs. Wells with the intention of completely restoring and reopening the home to its former glory as a funeral home. By purchasing the building Nathan and Mackenzie also inherited an antique floor length mirror that was original to Cleveland Funeral Home in Mt. Eden. This mirror has found a permanent home at the Saffell House Funeral Home. It sits in our foyer as a reminder of the people before us, the history around us, and the future in front of us. 

Photo of the antique floor length mirror from Cleveland Funeral Home in Mt. Eden



       Believed to be underground prohibition tunnel                                                Antique Wooden Tooliet


                            Antique Cherry Fireplace mantle with beautiful detail        

Original Chandeliers converted from gas to electric

If someone has more history, stories, or pictures that they would be willing to share with us about the beautiful The Saffell House, please contact us. We would appreciate learning anything we can about the home that is such an important part of history in Lawrenceburg.